Lessons for Law Firms: Varying Your Content with Video

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Your clients react to information in different ways – some are visual learners while others would rather flip through an eBook. The inconsistent nature of how your potential clients will best respond to your outreach is why your content needs to be more than just words on a webpage!

We’re talking video today and before you cringe at the thought of how much a professional video shoot would cost, remember that we’re here to help! You could always grab your smartphone and have your secretary shoot a quick 1-minute clip of you in your office, but it’s worth the effort to go for a serious video shoot.

Some of our client success stories involve their extensive video library where users can actually hear and see the attorney explaining legal topics or answering common questions. This not only gives the attorney a more authoritative appearance (because not just anyone would take the time to produce an awesome video series on legal matters – only a leader in his or her field!) but it also lets clients get a feel for you and your law practice before they even step into your office.

An audible and visible presence on your website can not only help your search engine rankings, but also help build your online presence beyond your website! How’d you like to be a top search result for legal topics on YouTube? Would you like your video to go viral?

There’s no way you can achieve that kind of Internet fame unless you take the initiative to explore the world of video marketing! We Do Web Content has helped clients write scripts and enhance their video descriptions to get their knowledge out before their clients’ eyes. We can do it for you, too!

Leave Writing Web Content for Legal Matters to Us!

The content on a law firm’s website has to follow more than just Google standards for SEO. There are state bar rules for the language you can use on your website, as well as the fine line between general information and giving legal advice online. If your writing team doesn’t know the nuances of web writing for legal content, you could be risking your business’s reputation!

When your business is looking for custom content designed specifically to perform for your industry, look no further than We Do Web Content. Convert casual browsers into clients with your own eBook marketing strategy, SEO press releases, and article marketing. Connect with us today and find out how your website, social media, and digital marketing can get a boost from We Do Web Content! 1-888-521-3880.