Let Clients Into Your Office Through Local Business Listings

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The big updates to Google Maps earlier this year did some fantastic things for the world of local business listings. Optimization for all the new features has kept offices busy trying out all the new enhancements like targeted categories, connections to other popular services like Yelp and Zagat, and expanded info cards.

One of the main points of emphasis for Google Maps has always been images. Ever since Street View debuted Google has strived to create a virtual representation of all of its map data to make it easier for users to find and visualize locations before they’ve ever visited.

Two of the more recent features – floor plans and indoor maps – are helping big buildings give visitors a better idea of what they’ll find inside when they arrive. These features are best suited for large buildings – multi-office structures, shopping malls, airports, etc. – but your single-building law firm can still showcase your office in your local business listings with the right photos!

Let Clients Inside Your Office Before They Step Through the Door

Most people seeking legal services never thought they’d have to hire an attorney for their situation. Let’s face it, most visits to a law firm can be intimidating, especially for sensitive matters such as the serious injury or death of a loved one, criminal charges, or divorce. Your staff does all it can to make the office a friendly environment once the client arrives – but there’re some steps you can take online to help ease the anxiety before they visit.

Your local business listings typically allow you to include photos of your business on your profile. Google is now pushing this feature harder with the “carousel” display for listings with multiple images.There are three types of images you should focus on adding to your listings:

  • An exterior shot of your building. This is extremely helpful for clients driving to your location. If they know what to look for ahead of time, it helps them find your office.
  • Interior shots of your office. Appearances can be everything and if a client sees a welcoming environment it can help ease their anxiety over their initial consultation. It also helps to have shots of your interior office door if you’re in a multi-office building.
  • Photos of your staff. Meeting with an attorney can be intimidating for many clients; seeing the people they’re going to communicate with at your law firm can help make that first meeting a little less stressful. It’s great to show off the smiling faces of your office!

Make Sure You Optimize Your Local Business Listings

The major local business listings like Google, Yelp, and MerchantCircle all allow businesses to add photos. Whether taken with your camera phone or you have a friend with a high-end camera snap some shots for you, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity for optimization!

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