Let Your SEO Content Guide Your Reader’s Actions

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February 9, 2010 – SEO content can only do its job if you include the right amount of support. That means writing clear and simple directions for your readers about what to do after they are done reading. A website visitor left to their own devices may take the time to explore your website on their own, or after reading, they’ll just leave–unless you give them a good reason to stay!

SEO content should always include a Call to Action that helps your reader learn about the benefits of your website. Chances are if they found your website through an organic search engine result, they are a first time visitor. Maybe they’ll poke around and find more articles to read or maybe they’ll finish reading that blog or article they landed on and take off again. If you provide easy directions and links to other areas of your website, you’ll have a much higher chance of keeping those readers on your website long enough to get a new contact or make your sale.

After all, how are your visitors suppose to know about your fabulous content, newsletters, E-Book, and so on unless you tell them??

To learn more about how to create a successful Call-To-Action in your SEO Content by reading the full article in our library!

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