Lindsay Lohan Tweet Gains Law Prof. Fame

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July 26, 2010 – Ever wish you could nab your 15 minutes of fame just by doing your job as a lawyer? A law professor at Washington and Lee University experienced just that when an article he wrote back in 2002 was cited in a series of Twitter posts – by Lindsay Lohan.

Professor Erik Luna originally wrote an article on unjust sentencing guidelines and it was posted on the Cato Institute website ( For years, it was just another article of his (he’s written a book on the subject and published various other articles aside from his career as a law professor).

Suddenly, his 8-year-old words resurfaced on the Twitter feed of newly incarcerated former child star, Lindsay Lohan. She tweeted quotes from the 2002 article in protest to her pending 90-day sentence for probation violations. The 4 separate tweets (hey, you’re limited to 140 characters!) quoted the opening paragraph of Luna’s article, which calls the U.S. sentencing guidelines “a constitutionally perverted system that saps moral judgment through its mechanical rules.”


Luna was amused by the citation, joking that he hopes to find even greater Internet fame – “I’m only hoping that Lady Gaga tweets about my Fourth Amendment work.”

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