Link Building Tips: How SEO Copywriting Content Can Support Your Strategy

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Part of Internet marketing for small businesses is to identify your target audience that’ll produce your ideal clients. Good SEO copywriting services will consult with a business owner first to determine your target audience and what action you want those consumers to take after viewing your content.

When your SEO copywriter develops your content plan, they should be considering what sort of link-building strategy will get you the best results both on the search engine rankings and with your potential clients. When you make your link-building plan beforehand, you can customize your content strategy to support your efforts.

A link-building supportive content strategy can be broken down into these 4 steps:

  • find sites you want to build a linking relationship with;
  • analyze the type of content they like (what they link to now);
  • determine how to replicate that same type of content in your own style/brand (without plagiarizing!)and
  • post your content on the appropriate channels.

After you have some great SEO content ready to publish you need to make sure that it’s on the most appropriate formats. If your goal with link-building is to gain more traffic and search engine ranking to your own website, it’s best to house your content on your blog or web page. If your goal is to increase your brand awareness and get your name out as an authority, you may want to look into off-site article hubs as a place to be published.

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