Link Building Tips: Seeking Out Opportunities Across the Web

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Link building means getting websites that already rank high for your keywords to link to your site, thus bringing you up in the search rankings and closer to their level. By having your site linked by authorities in your industry you can help increase your own online integrity as well as your search engine ranking.

So how do you go about getting more links on reputable sites? There are several methods of link building to explore such as:

  • direct requests where you contact a website directly asking them to link to your site;
  • directory submission, which requires little effort but aren’t always reliable or may cost you a submission fee;
  • content syndication where you repurpose your content on other sites to gain more exposure of your content and an automatic link back to your website;
  • backlinking where you see where your competitors are being linked to and request to the page/directory/etc. to also be considered as another good content source;
  • press releases are practically automatic ways to establish the importance and authority of content and can create good links from reputable PR sites.

Before you attempt any of these link building methods it’s important to establish a level of professionalism and trust before seeking out a relationship with these venues. Most of the authoritative leaders in your industry won’t link to just anyone on their website, so you’ll have to do some convincing to show them your content is worth promoting.

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