LinkedIn Launches Profile Organizer

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October 2, 2009 – LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at business professionals, is launching a new bookmarking feature that will allow premium users to organize the annotate profiles of interest they encounter on the site.

With the new feature, called Profile Organizer, users will be able to bookmark and categorize profiles that interest them, a feature that could be extremely helpful when looking for new business contact and possible hires. You can create your own labels, which is a great way to organize the contacts according to your specific needs, including occupation, location, and other tags. The lists you create will not be visible to anyone else on the service, allowing you to privately bookmark and organize as you see fit.

According to ReadWriteweb, the Profile Organizer will be available to regular LinkedIn users for a 30-day trial. Business members use the service to create up  to 5 contact folders, and Business Pro/Pro members will be able to create up to 25 different folders on the service.

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