Your Links Can Do Double Duty in Site Optimization

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May 11, 2010 – One of the things that Google spiders (the programs Google uses to scour the Internet) look for is links. Just how our eyes are drawn to that blue underlined text, so are the spiders. You should already be linking your Web content pieces internally to each other. The important part of this is making your key phrases the “anchor text” for your link.

Using phrases like “click here” are a wasted opportunity as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Instead, by making your key phrase the link that connects one article to another, you are actually getting bonus points from the search engine spiders.

For example, if you have an article on your website that talks about DUI laws but mentions how breathalyzers are used in roadside sobriety tests, you should link your DUI law article to your breathalyzer article through a link that uses a key phrase as your linking text, like the phrase “breathalyzer tests.” Google LOVES this.

Inbound links (the links from outside websites to your Web pages) are also highly favored by Google spiders. Having other non-competing lawyers link to your site shows Google that your site is trusted by other similar services in your area. It’s this relevancy that is key. In other words, getting a plumber to link to you won’t have the same results. Just make sure you’re returning the favor while linking on your key phrases. Instead of linking a firm name, link to what that firm is known for, like “birth injury attorneys.”

There’s a lot to do when optimizing your law firm’s website with relevant content and key phrases. Good lawyer marketing with a website requires a mixture of good key phrases and well-updated, relevant content that incorporates these key phrases. The search engine spiders are attracted by keywords, but it takes SEO content to really impress them and rank your website higher on the search engine results.

At We Do Web Content we provide key phrase identification and integration when we produce your custom content. The more frequently updated your website is, the more appealing it is to search engines. For help getting started on boosting your website to #1 in the search engine rankings, contact us today! 888-521-3880.