Local Search and Multiple City Listings

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October 27, 2010 – With more consumers using localized, GPS-based searches to locate the business they need your SEO needs to also focus on your geo-specific keywords.

There may be 50+ businesses like yours in a large city like New York, so unless you’re targeting your specific borough like the Bronx or Queens, you may not stand out as much, and even then you may want to include neighborhoods like Corona or Jamaica for even more localized search. For businesses that thrive on local customers, they need to focus on marketing to their specific local area, rather than the broader keywords like “Florida personal injury” or “Texas florist”.


Common local businesses like florists need a little more than a state-specific keyword in Texas.

Services like Google Places make adding a map location and listing for your business easy. New smartphone search technology is making it so that consumers can use generic keywords like “plumber” or “Chinese restaurant” to locate relevant businesses to where the GPS pinpoints their phone location.

Many of our clients have taken to using geo-specific keywords to target cities and neighborhoods within a reasonable radius. Knowing the local hot spots to reference in your articles and blogs is a great way to generate additional search relevance when customers are searching for your content.

Will customers really drive an extra 30 miles to use your business if there’s a similar company nearby? 
That’s where your content and reputation come into play! If your business is found through good geographic searches and your website has quality content that convinces them you’re worth the drive – you bet they’ll come!

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