Local Search Tips & Tricks: Multiple Business Listings

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Time to clean up your local search listings! Have you checked Google to see what happens when you use their maps to search for your business? If you’re seeing multiple listings for your business you may want to consider cleaning up your act!

Multiple Listings Can Be Detrimental To Your Search Rankings

Google is smart, but even the best search engines can get confused once in a while. If your business has multiple listings on Google+ Local you could be throwing off the search spiders.

Google likes to see one clean, complete listing per business name per address. This doesn’t mean your business can’t have multiple locations, nor does it mean several businesses can’t share one address. It means your business needs to be listed only once per address to have a positive impact on your search ranking.

More than one listing for a business at its address can get confusing for both the search engine and the human performing the search. How can you tell which “Marty’s Tires” listing is the one you’re looking for when there are three of them? Multiple listings often occur because Google and other local search services aggregate from other sources such as YellowPages. Another source for listings comes from customer input – local search site Yelp allows customers to add listings, but requires business owners to verify the content (e.g. business hours, parking type, etc.).

While we hope our customers know us well, we want to have control over our own listings to ensure they’re accurate and up to date. That’s why you need to keep a constant eye on your local listings to make sure they’re always current and cleaned up.

Managing Your Local Search Profiles

If you haven’t already claimed your business’s location and listed it on Google+ Local, you need to do so! Google will verify your location and give you a solid, legitimate search result that is an authoritative nod to your business as far as local relevancy is concerned.

If you notice multiple locations appearing for your business listing, you’ll need to claim them with Google and delete them. This task is easier said than done – even local search optimization professionals still struggle from time to time in the removal of incorrect or duplicate listings.

You may need to contact third-party sites like YellowPages or Yext to manage or delete these duplicate profiles if they were created from their records.

Perhaps the biggest reason you want to minimize the number of local listings you have to manage on each platform is because you want to concentrate your reviews onto one profile. For sites like Google+ Local and Yahoo!Local where users can leave reviews, you want them to see only one profile and know that’s where they should leave the review.

If you have multiple listings, such as a listing for your entire law firm and then a listing for you, yourself, as an attorney, you may confuse your clients about where they should leave the review. Not all clients will be willing to leave a review on both profiles, and you don’t want to be spreading your reviews across multiple profiles – you want them to all grow on one main profile.

The reason for gathering all your reviews on one profile is because most initial searches show an average of your ratings. If your two reviews are a three and a five-star, your profile will show a four-star average rating. However, if these two reviews are on different profiles, one will have a three-star average and the other will have a five-star. The next client that searches for your business will see two listings with differing ratings of your service – confusing!

Let We Do Web Content Take On Your Local Listings

Researching your local business listing records can be time consuming. There are dozens of major search sites for local businesses, and even more industry-specific listings where your business may be listed. Don’t spend your valuable time looking up your business across dozens of local search listings – let us do the work for you!

We can review your local search presence and optimize your business’s profiles for the best performance in search rankings. Contact us for a free consultation! Call us at 888-594-5442 to get started.