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Blog Series: Writing Your Own Style Guide

May 25, 2011 
– We’re not going to get too technical here, but one thing you need to consider when creating a style for your content is how your potential clients are viewing it.

In an era where there are more Internet-ready devices available every day to display your content it can be hard to keep up with what needs are to be met for formatting on each device type. While this is mostly a technical matter for your web developer to handle, there are also things for your writers to consider.

There are Smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktops, and even TVs that can display Web pages. This means a screen can be as small as a 3-inch Smartphone to as large as a 60-inch high-definition plasma TV. With computers and Smartphones generally the top contenders for displaying your content, you’ll have to err on the side of the tiny Smartphone screen to be safe.

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If you have the means, you can get a Web developer to create a mobile version of your website to allow better viewing on Smartphones. However, even with this solution to maximize viewability you still have the fact that you can only fit so much text at once on the screen.

Remember to keep your articles in short parts (400 words or so), and your paragraphs around 70 words in length. If you know a large portion of your clients will be searching for you using a Smartphone, make sure your style guide has instructions on keeping content short and using emphasis like bolding text or headers to make sure your critical information is noticed on the small screen.

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