Looking Beyond Your Fans: Friends of Fans

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Blog Series: The Awesome Power of Facebook’s Like

August 23, 2011 – Having millions of fans can be worthless to a business’ marketing strategy if you don’t know how to use the various layers of your following.

A misconception about social media marketing is that only your direct fans matter. For years marketing analysts have tried to wrap their head around placing a value on a fan, and there’s still no definitive answer. This is because the social media marketing is forever changing and evolving as Facebook adds new features and users find new ways to use these features.

A few years ago Facebook began promoting a user’s interaction with business pages in small but increasingly significant ways. It started with the “_____ likes (page name)” mentions on your news feed, and evolved into sponsored stories and social ads. The important thing that happened here was that suddenly our interactions with a business page were apparent to all our friends.

Each individual fan suddenly wasn’t worth a single point, they were a potential pool of an average of 130 individual exposures. How does 1 turn into 130? It’s easy, a fan is now not only worth their own amount but they’re also worth how many potential fans they’re connected to as friends.

Remember that fan interaction with your page potentially reaches all of their friends, who may or may not be fans of your page as well. If they are fans, any interaction their fan friend has with your page will serve as a reminder of their liking that page, too, and can encourage them to interact again. If they’re not fans, when they see their fan friend doing something with your page they may be intrigued enough to investigate themselves.

How do you intrigue friends of fans? CONTENT! Your fans share your content when it’s relevant, entertaining or engaging. They like new information, offers, coupons, freebies, humor, entertainment – basically, posts of substance. Some of the highest fan interactions come from engaging content that talks with the fans, not at them.

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