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January 11, 2010 – External links that point to your website are a great way to produce more traffic and increase the authority of your website, which helps your site appear higher in relevant search engine results. When you publish engaging, relevant SEO content on your site, people will naturally link to it, but another great way to take link building into your own hands is to publish SEO content on other websites that link back to your own.

Creating original web content and publishing it on websites outside of your own, whether they are industry blogs or article directories like EZine, can help add value to your online reputation as an expert in your field while driving traffic back to your main website through links. External links are part of evaluation process that search engines look at when determining your site’s search engine ranking.

Creating your own link building opportunities outside of your website open up those search engine possibilities (they will show up on their own and help your website’s ranking through link building), as long as you stick to these simple rules:

  1. Great Topic, Great Information – When thinking about external articles, consider the topics people are searching for and the answers they need. Writing a great article about a topic no one cares about won’t help you get search traffic.
  2. Headings and Keywords – SEO still applies even though the article will not be hosted on your website. Make sure your article has a great title that includes your SEO keywords and make sure those keywords also appear in the Meta description and body of your article.
  3. Call to Action and Contact Info – Unlike your own website, article directories and other external content publishers usually only allow you to have a short paragraph at the end that talks about you and your website. Make the most of this opportunity by providing the address of your website and a call to action that includes a good incentive for readers to visit your website. Just telling them to visit is not enough, offer a free consultation, sample, or other offer that will entice visitors to click on your link!

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