Lunch Trucks, Twitter, and the Future of Social Media

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July 14, 2009 – I usually like to blog about new technology, SEO innovations, or online marketing strategies when I create my little blogs for the We Do Web Content website, but sometimes a really good op-ed piece lands in my inbox, begging for a little more recognition.

Today I read a really funny article from the Social Media Insider that was partly about gourmet lunch trucks, partly about the proliferation of Twitter, and alot of really amusing speculation about how these two phenomenon could act as a catalyst for how social media could evolve given these two seemingly unconnected variables.

I won’t even try to sum this piece up, you just need to read it for yourself. In the spirit of full disclosure however, I feel like I need to say that my personal affection for cupcakes and gourmet street food may have swayed my opinion a little.

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