Maintaining a Blog Means Moderating a Blog

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February 22, 2010 – There are a lot of great reasons to start a blog for your company, but with great power comes great responsibility. Running a successful blog is more than publishing a few occasional posts, it’s about being an active member of the blogging community, which means you’ll need to moderate your blog.

Some blog owners think it’s okay to just post content. That’s just not true. Great blogs are blogs that incite response, meaning if people can’t leave a comment on your blog, it’s basically just an advertisement. The only downside to having a blog with comments is keeping track of them. Even with great spam catching software, you’ll still need to keep an eye on who is posting comments.

When you moderate comments, you can choose which ones actually get published on your website, which means eliminating spammy comments that are only looking for backlinks. This also means actually responding to the good comments. When people read a great blog entry, perhaps they’ll have something valuable to add to the conversation which will then prompt someone else to comment and so on. Likewise when you see a commenter ask a question or a conversation starts, this is where you need to put your two cents in. Interaction is definitely the name of the game!

People who comment tend to be the people who liked your blog enough to tell someone else about it. Active blogs with conversations that continue into the comments section also generate more traffic and interest. How many blogs have you visited where the comments were just as interesting (or more so!) than the actual post? These are the conversations you want people having on your website, so don’t take that opportunity away! Let your readers comment and let them know you care about what they have to say by responding.

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