Make Google Fetch: What to Look for in Content Updates

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August 17, 2011 – Don’t forget that while you’re creating content for indexing byFetch as Googlebot that you’re still going to have to appease Google Panda, too. What does this mean? Keywords, content, and cleaning!

Keywords are still super important to both catching the attention of Google Panda and impressingFetch as Googlebot. Panda looks that you’re hitting that keyword density without stuffing your content, and Googlebot makes sure your keywords are relevant to the search topics you want to rank for.

Do your keyword homework before creating or editing content on your websites. Learn what’s ranking for your target topics and pick a variety of keyword types. In come cases, generic keywords with high search volume can help out with geo-specific ranking (an easy example is adding your city name before “injury attorney” if you’re a personal injury lawyer). You’ll still want to focus on long-tail keywords like “serious car accident in Boston” to grab those unique searches that have little competition (and high chances of ranking!).

When putting your keywords to use, remember that keyword stuffing is still a big no-no when it comes to playing nice with Google Panda. Overuse of a keyword will make your content not only read poorly to clients, but also diminish your reputation with Google as well. And don’t think you can just stick a few new keywords into old content to impress Fetch as Googlebot – reviving old content is much more complex than that.

Because refreshing old content with keywords is a bit more involved than just plugging in some new words, we’re dedicating a whole blog to explaining the process. Tomorrow we’ll discuss how We Do Web Content goes about using Fetch as Googlebot for our clients’ existing content. See you tomorrow!

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