Make the Connection from Topic to Content for Better Search Ranking

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One of the hallmarks of webspam is a mis-match in the article or blog heading and the actual content of the page. Your page heading should reflect the topic of the article and should therefore match the content within – but that’s not always the case.

True webspam will have an article heading such as “Ways to Improve Your Daily Fitness” and most readers will click that article believing they’re about to read content containing fitness tips and advice. If it’s a webspam article, you may find some vague information about fitness but it will be littered with irrevelant keywords and links for a completely different topic such as home loans or debt relief – highly searched topics.

When you work with a SEO copywriter, you shouldn’t be worrying about having webspam content like this on your website. What you need to concern yourself with is whether or not your page titles are matching with the topic and content of the rest of the article.

We’ve been trained to try and get our keywords in the page titles and article headings to help increase search rankings. While this is good in practice, it’s detrimental to the legitimacy of your content if those keywords don’t truly match the topic of the content in your article. Don’t neglect to provide the information you’re advertising with your page titles and article headings!

Speaking of information, that’s the focus of the next blog in our Google Penguin series. Come back tomorrow for more!

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