Make Your Web Content Easy to Find

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May 26, 2010 – You’re going to need the work of several talented people to make your Web content easy to find. Once you’ve hired a great legal website copywriter to produce your Web content, you need to make sure your clients can find it on your website. There’s two ways to do this: through content links and your website’s navigation.

Your legal website copywriter can help your Web content be its own guide. The copywriter should use hyperlinks within your content to link to other relevant content on your site. They should also use calls to action within the copy and those should lead your readers to your contact page or an order form for your books.

Your Web designer should also be able to help you by setting up a smooth navigation system that makes it clear where all your Web content is organized. Headers that are clearly marked, like “Library” and “Practice Areas,” can expand to hold all your articles, blogs and information on those topics. Your Web designer must also know the importance of linking to related content on your website.

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