Make Your Website Searchable

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August 19, 2010 – The first goal in SEO is to lead clients to your website through freshly updated, keyword-rich content that’s relevant to their search terms. However, once your client is on your website, which should have what they’re looking for, it’s important that you make your information easy to find.


Don’t make your clients hunt for information once they’re on your website!

Many websites employ a search feature on their pages to allow visitors an easy way to find the exact information they’re looking for. When you’ve got several categories of information, such as a personal injury attorney who takes dog bite, slip and fall, motorcycle, car, pedestrian, and truck accidents, you’re going to be attracting a variety of clients all looking for a different specific type of personal injury information.

Utilizing a search feature on your website allows clients to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.
In a recent study from Econsultancy, they found that users who cannot find the information they need within a reasonable amount of time are likely to return to the search results and choose a different website.

The survey also shows an increase in viewer-to-customer conversion rates, from 1.7% on non-searchable sites to 2.4% for sites with a search feature. Adding a search feature to your website can also provide valuable data as to what your clients look for the most when browsing your site.

Your website content also plays a vital role in the searchability of your website. If your content isn’t written properly with good meta descriptions, proper titles, and keywords, you may be losing valuable search functionality and data.

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