Making Content Interactive – Google Did it, So Can You!

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Have you checked out the latest fun little toy from Google? Their “How Search Works” page gives a semi-interactive tour of all those SEO terms you may have heard but never really understood. It’s a great visual representation of the concepts We Do Web Content works with on a daily basis to help our clients improve their search rankings!

Take a moment to scroll through and see how Google took boring content (well, not boring to us, but we live for this stuff!) and made it more accessible to the average Joe through the method of presentation. This is a lesson that your business can learn, even without a Google-sized development team!

Creating Interactive Content with Social Media

Unless you’ve got a web development whiz on your team, you probably won’t be shooting for a Google-quality presentation like “How Search Works”. However, interactivity is what you make it – and nearly any content can be interactive on the cheap with the power of social media.

The whole point of social media content is to be interactive, so it’s a great place to start. Let’s say you want to share the latest traffic accident statistics for your area. You could go the normal route and write an article or blog about the statistics, cite your source, and post it. You’ll get some traffic for when people search “Florida traffic accident statistics” and that’s good – but it could be better!

Why not try a quiz or poll on Facebook to present those statistics in a new light? For example:

How many traffic fatalities occurred in Florida in 2010? Make your best guess and come back tomorrow for the answer, along with safe driving tips to help you avoid becoming a part of the 2013 statistics!

  • 1,230
  • 890
  • 2,560
  • 2,445

A post like this generates interaction with your page, plus it leaves fans a reason to watch your page the next day for the answer, along with a promise for more quality content. The next day’s follow up should be the correct answer (it’s 2,445 if you were curious), the source of the answer (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System), and a link to content that fulfills your promise of safety tips (a good choice would be to your own article on the topic!).

Don’t Forget Visuals – Infographics are Fun!

Another way to liven up boring content is with imagery and we couldn’t think of a better example than infographics! Turn those long lists of numbers into a lively infographic and let some flair into your content marketing!

What’s more impressive, a text statistic like:

In 2010 there were 2,445 fatal car crashes in Florida. Of those crashes, 2,257 reported daylight conditions as follows:

  • 935 occurred during normal daylight;
  • 659 occurred during dark but lighted conditions;
  • 579 occurred during dark conditions; and
  • 84 occurred during dawn or dusk conditions.

or an infographic of the same information:


We think we know your answer!

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