Are You Making the Most of Your SEO?

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August 27, 2009 – Search Engine Watch published a great article about commonSEO mistakes that pertain to a variety of businesses, including ecommerce as well as service-based online businesses.

The advice is great because it covers a variety of back-end SEO and SEO content issues that all companies with an online presence need to deal with during the creation or maintenance of their website. It’s always important to remember that having a search engine optimized website is imperative in making the most out of your SEO content and vice versa.

Some of the common SEO mistakes we highly agree with include:

*steering clear of thin-content pages that aren’t doing enough to enhance your website
*selecting poor anchor text such as “click here” instead of SEO keywords
*making sure your website does not contain duplicate content, which means content that appears on more than one website, or content that appears on multiple pages of your website

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