Manage Your Tweets with Tweetlater

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Joining social media networks like Twitter can be a great boost for your company. You can have one-on-one or open conversations with customers, learn what internet users are saying about your company, and introduce your products to new friends one short tweet at a time.

Managing all those tweets however is another story. Thankfully scores of crafty webmasters have been developing Twitter application tools that can help manage your posts and your time.
One application we especially love at WeDOwebContent is Tweetlater.
With Tweetlater you can write your posts in advance and then schedule when you would like them to be posted. Being able to preplan at least a few of your daily posts means you can spend less time in front of the computer and still communicate with your followers on a consistent basis.
You can also tailor and schedule auto replies if your followers reply to your automated posts.
Other than being a great time saver, we also love Tweetlater’s keyword alert feature. The scanning service searches the entire Twitterverse for your designated keywords and sends you a digest report that lists all the tweets that mention your words.
This can really help monitor:
  • who is talking about what on Twitter
  • updates on trends
  • new people you might want to follow
  • new ideas for relevant content
Sound like something your company should be doing? Learn more about Twitter basics and how you can get your company tweeting!
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