Marketers Targeting Baby Boomers Once Again

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June 9, 2010 – For a long time the Baby Boomer generation was the star of the marketing stage. Companies reached out to them through all stages of life: newlyweds, first baby, sending the kids to college, and then as empty-nesters.

But in the past decade or so, the marketing reps have grown bored with the Baby Boomer generation, who are now moving into the grandparent stage. The appeal of the new Generation Y, who are easily led and impressed by the biggest and brightest, has caused marketers to forget about the Boomer generation…until now.

Recently new ad campaigns focused on the 50-60 crowd have emerged because marketers have realized they’re still here, and still some of the biggest spenders in today’s economy. No matter what your practice areas are, you too can find benefit in targeting your Internet marketing to certain age demographics.

It’s a no-brainer that a lawyer specializing in estate planning would want to target the Boomer generation, who are probably starting to consider plans for their assets after they pass away. But even personal injury attorneys can benefit from a bit of age targeting by focusing on common injuries suffered by seniors, such as medical malpractice and nursing home abuse.

When developing your marketing strategy, think about the kind of clients you want to attract.
 With this picture in mind, you can best develop your marketing plan to focus on obtaining these clients, rather than just leaving it up to chance that they’ll come along.

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