Marketing for Lawyers: Exert Your Expertise

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October 7, 2009 – Part of successfully marketing yourself as a lawyer means creating a clear message to your potential clients and providing web content that imparts your expertise over the legal areas you specialize in.

Even if your practice is “personal injury” or “financial law”, you still have specific expertise within those areas on certain subjects. Are you the best lawyer for motorcycle accident victims? Do you really excel at anesthesia errors, or failure to diagnose cases? Providing a lot of detailed SEO content on your website is great, but choosing a few focus areas within your niche can help set you apart from other lawyers in your area and take your practice to the next level.

Create a tag line that speaks to your specialty, create an E-Book that goes further into detail with tips for potential clients, create a blog focused solely on that subject, and so on.

If you can take your knowledge and showcase your expertise to your website’s visitors through your various web content and marketing decisions, you carve a special niche for yourself as a true expert in the field. And that level of marketing is priceless.

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