Marketing Legal Websites: Clarity Builds Credibility

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October 30, 2009 – Building your legal practice, and your website as a credible source of information means being open, honest, and clear about your purpose and intentions. When designing the look of your website as well as planning the content that will appear on your website, transparency is the key to credibility.

You are a lawyer maintaining a website that focuses on legal services. When you design your website, it should be abundantly clear that you are a lawyer and that your website covers legal topics that relate to your specific practice. Trying to hide that you are a lawyer, or producing content that focuses on unrelated topics to your law firm just to draw visitors will not help your bottom line. No one who is “tricked” into landing on a legal website when in search of different information is suddenly going to realize they need or want your services. People don’t like getting tricked, especially by a professional in the legal field that should know better.

Everything about your website should focus on you, your legal niche, and serving your clients. If the content or design does not focus on these elements and promote clear and obvious navigation, ease of use, and helpful information, then your website has failed in its purpose and needs to be redesigned ASAP.

Advertising and Blogs

The concept of transparency also extends to advertising. Do not buy into a PPC campaign or other online advertising medium that does not focus on the type of law you practice or pretends to link to something other than a legal website. If you have an external blog that hosts web content that covers a variety of legal and non-legal issues, i.e. – a blog that covers car accidents as well as the latest car designs, car shows, car accessories, and the like, you can promote that blog as a car blog and not just a personal injury/car accident lawyer blog. However, on that blog you also need to make it perfectly clear that you are a Personal Injury Lawyer and this blog is an extension of your practice.

Tricking your blog readers into clicking on your personal injury website when they think they’ll be directed to more information about car parts or the like is shady, unprofessional, and will result in complaints instead of conversions.

Be proud of your practice, share your valuable information with the world, and always be clear about your law firm and your intentions.

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