Marketing Your eBook and Services Through Your Web Content

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Web content is at its best when it does more than one thing at once. SEO content can boost your search ranking, eNewsletters can keep your clients engaged with your business, and then there’s a special case with your eBook. Services to promote your business through Internet marketing should reach out through multiple formats, and eBooks can be an excellent method for communicating long-form information.

So what makes eBooks unique in the world of web content marketing? They’re recyclable, versatile, and a great free method of advertising.

Recycle Existing Web Content Topics into Your eBook

Any business can have an eBook, no matter what your industry. From bakeries to stockbrokers, there’s enough content to be written about your business to fill an eBook of at least 30 pages. The wonderful thing about eBooks is that you don’t have to restrict yourself – pretty much anything goes when it comes to the content you want to fill your pages as long as it’s relevant and engaging for your clients or customers.

The best way to write an eBook is to take the topics you’re already using for your SEO content and use them to form chapters in your book. If the topics are doing well for your web content marketing efforts, they’re obviously important to your customers. Therefore, you’ve got a table of contents sitting right on your article library page, ready to be developed into an eBook for the services your business provides!

Take Advantage of the Versatility of eBooks

You can also develop new web content through your eBook. Here’s an example if you were a landscaping company in Florida:

You just published your eBook on the best native plants to landscape a Florida home. Each chapter focuses on the types of plants to use for different landscaping needs. One of your chapters focuses on the types of plants that attract butterflies and how to care for them. Now, you want to promote your new eBook and also your landscaping business, so you write a short blog post containing some of the information about that chapter, then inform readers that if they want to learn more, they should request a copy of your eBook.

This strategy does several things to improve your business’s visibility. First, it generates fresh blog content. Second, it promotes the circulation of your eBook. Finally, it encourages blog readers to submit their contact information to get your book, which gives you an opportunity to follow up with them and extend an offer of your services.

Free Advertising with eBook Services

Your eBook can be of great service to your business because it generates a great deal of promotional and personal value. It promotes your business through the marketing tactics we just covered, plus it increases your professional integrity in your field. Many consumers value business owners who have been published as being more trustworthy in their field because they dedicated their time to producing content worthy of a book.

In the world of web content, promoting your work is of utmost importance. Whether you’re using the eBook services mentioned above to spread your content and entice new readers, or you’re using SEO content to drive more traffic to your website, content can only work for you when you’re giving it a chance to be read and shared by others.

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