Marketing Your Social Media Profiles

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Blog Series: Marketing Your Social Media

June 27, 2011 
– Welcome to a new week and a new blog series! There’s a good reason we’re on a social media kick lately – it’s not just the future, it’s the now. If you’re not already in the social media loop, you’re seriously missing out!

This week is all about marketing your social media pages. “But wait,” you say, “aren’t my social media pages supposed to be marketing ME?” That’s true, but you have to get those pages before the eyes of your clients if you’re going to run a successful marketing campaign.

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The more fans/followers/connections your page/account/profile has, the more reach your marketing campaigns can have. Even if you only have 10 Facebook fans on your business page, if each one of those fans has 100 friends you’ve got the potential to reach those 10 fans, plus each of their 100 friends, making a total of 1,000 more potential “likes” on your business page.We’ll just leave it at that, but remember each one of those 100 friends that also “likes” your page sends that notice out to all of their friends, too.

Before you start using your social media profiles as marketing tools, you need to grow your ability to appear before potential clients. Adding Facebook “likers”, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections needs to be your first priority before you start using your profiles as marketing tools. There are many ways to do this, some unique to certain social networks and some universal, and we’ll explain some of our favorites over the week.

When you have We Do Web Content’s social media syndication services you not only get reliable exposure for your content through social networks, you also have the opportunity to effortlessly increase your user interactions. The more unique visitors to your profile, the more exposure overall you get for your business. Connections are key to growing your business through social media marketing, so come back all week for tips and tricks on increasing your social media following.

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