Mesothelioma Will Cost You $100 Per Click

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October 15, 2009 – Lawyers are pretty competitive, so it’s not really a surprise that attorneys are among the largest group to heavily invest in paid search and pay per click (PPC) advertising. Search engines have also noticed this trend, making the key phrases most valuable the lawyers some of the most expensive keywords overall.

A new AdGooroo quarterly report about search engine advertising in Q309 reveals that the most expensive keyword in the U.S. last month was “Mesothelioma”, which sold on Google in September for $99.44. That’s $100 out of your pocket every time someone just clicks on your PPC ad, regardless of whether or not they spend any time on your website or even contact you about your services. With click fraud rates through the roof, that’s just throwing money out of the window.

The demand on less popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo had the price for mesothelioma at $55.20 per click and $60.68 per click respectively, for the month of September. With the amount of money you could spend on PPC at those rates, you could fill 5 websites with valuable search engine optimized content that actually converts visitors and gets your web pages in the search engine results for those same keywords!


While pay per click can drive people to your website (if you are willing to pay those prices), what happens after they get there? Are they greeted with a library of articles featuring relevant content centered around those keywords or just a minimal landing page (or worse, another advertisement) with no information all at pertaining to that key phrase? Just look at your bounce rates to determine if you are even backing up your PPC advertising with anything substantial enough to engage those visitors and convince them to contact you.

The point is, PPC is incredibly expensive and does nothing to convert your customers after they arrive on your website. They will however, charge you and arm and a leg, even if it is just your competitors clicking on your sponsored ads to run up your bill. Creating relevant web content with those same keywords and phrases is dramatically more affordable, can have your website organically show up in dozens of search engine results, and give your visitors the information they are actually looking for when seeking legal advice and a new attorney.

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, converting visitors into clients, and achieving the highest long-term results for your investment, SEO content blows PPC advertising out of the water every time.

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