Met Your Internet Marketing Goals? 3 Ways to Celebrate (and Keep Momentum)

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Congratulations on meeting – or even beating – your short- or long-term Internet marketing and business goals! That’s a huge accomplishment and deserves a round of applause and a pat on the back.

Before you pop the bubbly, take a few minutes to reflect on how you got there and what you can do to maintain the momentum. Below are three ideas on what to do once you’ve met your first round of marketing and business goals.

1. Analyze What Went Right (and What Could’ve Gone Better)

Perform a post-mortem while everything is fresh in your mind. Critically examine your website’s metrics and social media analytics. Gauge what aspects of a particular marketing campaign were the most successful.

Did you see a spike in Facebook interactions after instituting a twice-daily posting schedule? Did your email list double once you started offering weekly tips on how to manage a personal injury claim? Use these successes as blueprints for what to do in the next phase of your marketing efforts.

Don’t forget to think about what went wrong. Did you lose Twitter followers based on a series of Tweets that tanked? Did an email campaign backfire and cost you a few subscribers in the process? Talk to your marketing team about why these ideas didn’t fulfill expectations. Use every failure as a lesson in what not to do in the next round of marketing.

2. Feel Free to Brag (Within Reason)

Tell your customers/followers/friends about your success. Be sure to thank them for their role in meeting your Internet marketing goals. This can be as simple and short-and-sweet as:

  • A Facebook status that includes a cute/amusing celebratory image and a message like, “Wow! We’ve just signed up our 1,000th new subscriber to our free monthly newsletter. Thanks for helping us reach our fall goals (a whole month early)!”
  • A Tweet that says, “Thanks to our loyal fans for helping us reach the 2,000-follower-mark. This calls for a celebration.”
  • A message at the top of a monthly e-blast that says, “We are thrilled to say we’ve gotten 500 Likes on Facebook in the past three months alone. Head on over to our page to see what all the fuss is about!”

These types of messages reinforce your marketing efforts in a fun, light-hearted way.

3. Express Your Gratitude

Call a team meeting and share the good news. If finances allow, consider a small, celebratory treat, like donuts for the office or a happy hour at a nearby restaurant. Or simply take the time to craft a sincere email or blog post that thanks your staff – and clients! – for a job well done. These gestures can have a tremendous impact and rev up enthusiasm for the next stage in the marketing campaign.

Offering a freebie or discount is another way to say “thanks” to your loyal customers and fans. An example might include offering a weeklong 25 percent discount on goods or services in celebration of netting 25 percent more web traffic this quarter.

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