Michael Jackson’s Death – Which Media Got it Right?

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June 26, 2009 – Techcrunch published a great article today that looks at how mainstream and online/social media responded to the emerging news of Michael Jackson’s death last night.

There have been several published reports of websites like The Los Angeles Times, Twitter, and TMZ all periodically shutting down due to overload, and certinaly the news stations were struggling to keep up with slowly forthcoming information, so who seemed to be on the money and who was following from behind?

Technically the time line begins when TMZ breaks the first reports of Jackson being taken to UCLA Medical Center. This seems to be followed by frantic tweets on Twitter “approximately 40 minutes before the L.A. Times followed up with a confirmation of Jackson’s death,” according to the Techcrunch piece.

Basically the online kids beat the newsies, which of course mainstream media isn’t too thrilled about and forces them to go directly to the great “credibility” debate, which is basically the best thing they have going for them at the moment.

To properly illustrate the amazing nature of real-time search and Twitter, check out the video below that documents Twitter’s trending topics in real time during the beginning of the Michael Jackson hoopla:

Check out the entire Techcrunch article to get all the juicy info.

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