Microsoft Joins Twitter, Adds Tweets to Bing Results

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July 1, 2009Bing certinaly has a lot going for it these days. The still-new search engine from Microsoft is gaining in popularity (slowly but surely) and getting good reviews from techies and average Internet users alike.

Microsoft’s latest push to integrate it’s new search engine into the minds and hearts of loyal Google-folk naturally involves the hottest social media network on the Web — Twitter (via TechCrunch). The day begins when Microsoft announces that it will “officially” begin using Twitter. Never mind that Microsoft had in fact already been using the popular social network through various internal departments, but now they have a super-official “main Microsoft” account run by it’s communication department.

But there’s more!

In the same day Microsoft also announced that they have began to include tweets in Bing’s search results, what an amazing coincidence! It’s a great move for Bing, especially in light of all the hullabaloo surrounding real-time search engines.

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