Mobile social apps make networking easy

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Not only are the newest generation of cell phones capable of helping you stay in touch, some are actually designed for social networking.

A recent example is the Samsung Solstice which is being offered as an inexpensive way to connect. The concept of the “social networking smartphone” is now entering the lexicon.

Social networking is becoming the main reason for purchase in many cases. Wikipedia says that the most popular websites for in North America for person-to-person networking are Facebook,MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those websites and many others have mobile apps and links that cater specifically to people logging on via smartphones.

As much as social networking helps people staying informed and entertained, there is a dark side. As more and more people become addicted to networking, they also are unable to stop when doing other tasks such as driving. In fact, a recent study shows that texting while driving can pose as much a hazard as drunk driving.

This is a particularly significant hazard to teenagers who are both less experienced drivers and far more likely to be texting. Many states have already banned texting (or even talking) on a cell phone while driving. There is a growing movement for a federal law banning texting while driving.

Cell phone carriers are having difficulties in deciding how to deal with the issue. More texting helps their bottom line, but a public outcry resulting from death and injury due to texting while driving is certainly not good publicity.

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