Mobile Technology: A Business’s Competitive Advantage

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In these challenging economic timessmart businesses have to do a few things to survive. First, they must keep their customers buying. Without maintaining a connection with customers, businesses today simply cannot survive as no one will purchase from them.

 Businesses today also have to be very creativeCookie cutter business solutions will not get the job done, particularly in this difficult economic time when people just do not want (or can’t) spend.

Lastly, businesses must be fast. Speed is required to stay one step ahead of the competition.Social networking and mobile technology provide creative and cost effective avenues for businesses to stay engaged with their customers in a speedy way.

Business owners can quickly build a presence on social networking sites without any special ability for building/designing web pages. Once the page is built, business owners can start inviting their customers to connect via email, iPhone, Blackberry, and through a wide variety of smartphones.

Business development is a breeze using social network services. Business owners can search for individuals and other businesses and then send friend requests. Soon a business will have several hundred friends/fans. Then, by sending updates on promotions, sales, special events, and new products/services, it is possible be able to maximize sales with little effort.

Businesses utilizing social networks typically use,, and are also utilizing “create your own” social network sites like

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