Mommy bloggers schedule a break from PR

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Mommy bloggers (moms who blog about everything related to parenting from “Hairstyles for girls” to potty training) are atwitter this week after MomDot blogger, Trisha Haas, called for a week off from public relations work on mom blogs.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Ms. Haas issued a “PR Blackout challenge” for one week in August to give moms (and their readers) a break from the product plugging that has become commonplace on many mom blogs.

Haas is encouraging her fellow mommy bloggers to get back to basics and discuss children, marriage, homes, etc., for one week rather than, say, accent furniture.

The PR Blackout challenge has created quite the controversy in the mommy blogger set – with some mommies arguing that they need the income provided by companies they write reviews for, or simply that they enjoy the freebies sent to them.

Read more about the mommy blogger PR blackout challenge.

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