More Moving and 7 Tips on Internet Security

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June 2, 2011 – A few of us are convinced there’s poltergeists in the new office – our server today randomly decided to not work for 2 of the 7 PCs, but then randomly decided to work (of course, after we called our wonderful tech guy, Rich). The building IS in the historic-ish downtown Ft. Lauderdale area…so who knows?

The other day we had our alarm system installed and let’s just say we hope to never have to hear the real full alarm ever again! I think my eardrums are still vibrating from when they tested it.

Speaking of security, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone that Internet security is a big deal. There have been several high-profile security compromises in the past month, the hack onSony’s PlayStation Network that compromised thousands of users’ personal data, Lockheed Martin’s breech of security, and most recently an attack on Gmail accounts of U.S. officials that supposedly came from China.

As the Internet is always evolving and changing at a tremendous rate it’s difficult to evaluate every new danger before it’s too late. Every day there are hundreds of new viruses, malware programs, and other malicious things going on behind the scenes of legitimate-looking websites and e-mails.

We like to keep our clients safe, so here are 7 Internet security tips we practice at We Do Web Content: 

  • use secure passwords that have a combination of upper and lowercase letters and at least one number;
  • don’t store your usernames or passwords on a computer unless you can guarantee no one else can physically access it;
  • always secure your wireless network with a network key to prevent unwanted users from doing anything illegal over your connection;
  • make sure to log out of all accounts when you are using a public computer;
  • keep your anti-virus and anti-malware programs up to date and on real-time scanning to catch intrusions ASAP;
  • never download attachments or open links from sources you’re not familiar with; and
  • hover your mouse over a suspicious hyperlink to see the URL it goes to – the text doesn’t always properly represent the link!

The Internet is a blessing and a burden when it comes to protecting your personal life. In some ways the Internet has opened sharing personal details into a positive light like letting grandparents thousands of miles away see their new grandchild over Skype. Unfortunately, it’s a double edged sword, and the Internet has resulted in an increase in identity theft due to poor safety practices.


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