More Proof Web Content Marketing is Good for Business

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For content marketing, infographics sure have been a hot feature lately! Recently our sales manager, Alex Valencia, came across this awesome infographic, Why Content for SEO?, and said we NEED to blog about this!

Think about it: WigiSocial, the company that produced the idea, just did exactly what We Do Web Content strives to do with our content marketing. They created an informative, unique piece of web content and it’s catching the eye of other industry professionals. While they’re not selling a product or service, they are dependent on web traffic to generate search rankings and ad revenue – and because they have great, share-able web content like this, they’re doing a great job in our eyes!

One part of the infographic that really caught our eye was the fourth blue banner, “Content Converts Search (and other) Visitors”. Our goal at WDWC is to produce web content that converts content consumers into clients for the businesses we work with.

Content Marketing is All About Conversion

The numbers don’t lie: “57% of marketers have acquired new customers via their blogs,” as evidenced on the infographic. Blog web content is one of our major strategies for content marketing. It provides a method of delivering quality, relevant content in a daily or weekly manner.

This method of content and distribution creates a golden opportunity to boost your search result rankings. Google loves fresh content and by blogging on a regular basis, your web content and website should begin to rank higher on the result pages.

Blogs also provide a second benefit of creating an authoritative reputation for your business on the Internet. Content marketing is not only about getting your website ranked higher on search due to content timing, but also on principles of authority. When your content is responded to and shared by others, Google takes this as sign that you’re an authority on the subjects you blog about.

Say for example you’re a company that does home landscaping in South Florida. You should be blogging about planting seasons, current drought conditions, and local plants to grow in your yard. Homeowners looking for landscaping companies in Fort Lauderdale may be searching for “native plants for South Florida landscaping” and if you’re doing your content marketing properly, your blog on this topic should be ranking for that term.

After reading your great blog, they should be inspired to learn more about native plants or landscaping in their area. If you’re running the right web content marketing, they should be ready to fill out that contact form on your website or give your office a call – you’ve successfully completed content conversion!

61 Percent of Consumers Are More Likely To Purchase from Businesses with Custom Content

Test this statistic yourself – do a Google search for a generic product or service like “beanbag chairs” or “personal injury attorneys”. You’re going to see the Google sponsored/paid ads first, and after that you’re going to get the most popular organic search results.

The most popular aren’t always the best. Some rank best because they have the best prices on consumer goods, but not necessarily the best quality. As for services, some rank just because they’ve been around for years, while others use repetitive, empty content stuffed with keywords to rank.

At We Do Web Content we’ve watched as the Google algorithms evolve and learn to ignore keyword-stuffed, garbled content, and focus on quality, natural content. That’s why we constantly update our writing methods, from adjusting keyword densities to examining the effect of web content length on reader attention, we make sure our content meets the expectations of both the search engines and potential clients.

Your company can benefit from our knowledge of the web content marketing world, too! All it takes is a click to our contact form or a phone call. We’ll schedule a free consultation to see how your website can benefit from some great, fresh web content! Call us at 888-594-5442 to get started.