More Reasons To Embrace Design: Google Launches Page Preview

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November 3, 2009 – The competition in search engine marketing just got a little bit tougher as Google launched their new “page preview” option. For Google users who click on the page preview option (which on the left side of the screen after selecting “show options”), Google will provide small snapshots of the web page next to the search result.

What does that mean for you? If the searcher can get a glimpse of your web page next to the web pages of several other lawyers that show up in the search engine results along side you, that web design becomes a major factor in whether or not the searcher will click on your page. Since these page views are available without physically going to the website, your tracking system won’t even pick up on this factor, which may result in more or less page clicks than usual.

The best advice, as usual, is to make sure your web design is clean, modern, sophisticated, and stands out (in a positive way) from your competitors. Of course people will have their personal aesthetic choices that may influence them in ways you cannot control, but if one page preview shows a web page that is neatly laid out right above or below another page jumbled with loud colors, annoying advertisements, large flash, or content bleeding into the borders, they are going to go with the clean looking website (even if your Page Title and content sound more interesting).

Your website is basically your online office and represents your firm to potential clients. Would you let a client walk into an office with trash all over the floor, tacky 1970’s furniture, and a rude receptionist that doesn’t answer any questions? Hopefully not. Your website needs to be looked at through a similar lens while keeping in mind Internet editing and readability standards as well as navigation and ease-of-use issues.

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