More Summer Moving Shenanigans!

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June 1, 2011 – It’s our second full day in the office and as with any move it hasn’t been without its problems. We transitioned from a wired network to wireless, but the router we got didn’t want to play nice. Between today and yesterday we experienced temporary outages that disrupted workflow and just caused general headaches.

And here comes your analogy to web content! Just like an interruption in your Internet connection, interrupting a good stream of regular content can put a damper on your content schedule. Regular posts of new, fresh content is what keeps websites ranking high on search engine results, bringing in the clients whose attention you want to catch.

Another event today was the delivery of our break room refrigerator! It’s not easy getting a full-size fridge in our building – it’s an older historic building with very narrow halls and a small elevator. But we managed to get 1 guy and the fridge in there and we met him up on our 3rd floor. Another web content analogy – size matters! Work with your webmaster to see how you content looks on your website. Long articles can be cumbersome to scroll down, so it’s usually best to break them up into separate pages, about 400 words per page. Remember the blogs shouldn’t get too long either, about 200-300 words for easy reading.


So what will tomorrow hold for our ongoing office improvements? Stay tuned!

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