More Thoughts on Duplicate Content and Search Engines

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December 30, 2010 – Duplicate content discussions are nothing new to the WDWC blog. We’ve covered the topic numerous times before, and there’s still more to say!

When search engines post results for a query they often come up with numerous copies of an article because they’re syndicated on a personal website, a social media post, and an article website such a Ezines. The interesting thing is even though the article may have originated from your law firm’s website, if it is on a highly trusted site such as FindLaw, Google will often rank that copy of the article higher than yours.

Google’s page rankings takes trust seriously and the more trusted and trafficked a website is, the more apt it is to post that instance of the article as the first ranked page. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may want to look at your content strategy to see if you really want an article submission site ranking your articles over their appearance on your own website.

Of course, any publicity on your articles is good, because it gets your name out there to potential clients and should contain backlinks to your main website. The more unique content you can put on your website, blogs and social media profiles, the more your face gets out to new clients on the Internet! However, without great content to start with, syndication should be the least of your worries. By starting out with a strong library of informative articles, daily (or close to daily) blogs, and a strong FAQ section, you can saturate your website with the quality SEO content the search engines are looking for.

After your website is bustling with great information, you can then start working on a syndication strategy to create backlinks to your original content.

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