Mozilla Launches Open Web Tools Directory

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In an attempt to help web developers get all the tools they need to create killer websites in one location, Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, are launching an extensive centralized index of every web tool currently available.

When you get a first glimpse of the “index”, it can seem confusing as the applications look like symbols and screen shots floating in space.

Ben Galbraith explains the design decision on the Mozilla Lab Blog (via Techcrunch):

We went with a “space” theme to emphasize the sheer size of the tool ecosystem (though at the moment we only have a small fraction of the tools available listed). And, frankly, we just couldn’t do another table-based master/detail database application; we wanted a directory that would be fun to use (and perhaps a bit of fun to create as well).

Thankfully the index does include a search feature that should help Web developers find what they are seeking beyond scouring the nebulous database. Mozilla is also encouraging developers to submit their own tools to help build the site.

A one-stop tool shop for Web developers? Why didn’t anyone think of this before now?

* you will need to have either Firefox 3.5, Opera 9, Chrome 2, or Safari 4 to view the web tool index site.

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