Mythbuster Takes On AT&T Via Twitter

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There have been a lot of complaints in recent weeks about AT&T’s performance and activation problems concerning the iPhone, especially from Twitter fans. One notable personality leading the charge against AT&T through Twitter’s real-time service is Adam Savage, one of the star’s of MythBusters, a popluar show on the Discovery Channel.

Part of the trouble began when Savage received an $11,000 bill for what he calls “a few hours of web surfing in Canada” and what AT&T claims was “9 gigabytes of downloads”, a claim Savage calls “frakking impossible”. With over 50,000 Twitter followers, Savage’s angry tweets are definitely something AT&T needed to handle ASAP.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Savage’s issue with AT&T was resolved through an official tweet from AT&T’s customer service.

The moral of the story? Twitter’s ability to broadly proclaim issues with a particular brand continue to grow by the day. The situation for AT&T could have been a lot worse if they did not have a Twitter presence to swiftly deal with this kind of high-profile issue. Online marketers take note, social media can be used for great publicity or a PR nightmare, it all depends on who’s saying what online, and who is listening.

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