New Facebook App Creates ROI on Your Fans

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August 12, 2010 – There are tons of applications and tools out there for measuring your ROI-return on investment-for your website, print ads, TV commercials, and whatever other legal marketing methods you use. But what about your social media profiles?


Facebook’s Insights tool sometimes just isn’t enough.

The problem with measuring your ROI on social media is that it’s social, and social content is often highly unstructured. How can you put a value on a “like” on your latest link post as opposed to a comment like, “Wow, that’s cool!”? Business profiles may get a boost with a new application called SocialSenseFB.

SocialSenseFB is building in features that tell page owners how their fans spend time interacting with their profile, what the “chatter” on their page is commonly about, and how their fans connect to other similar brands. When you notice many of your fans are also fans of certain local businesses it may be time to extend a hand and talk about cross-promotion with those professionals.

One of the most useful tools SocialSenseFB offers to website content development is the ability to extract phrases from fan pages. As you already know, keywords are key to driving traffic to your website and creating well-optimized content for your website. Having this sort of insight helps you make your pages more search-friendly not only to Facebook but to search engines as well.

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