New Google Algorithm Reinforces Need for Unique Content

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January 31, 2011 – As if we needed more validation that custom content is one of the keys to boosting your Internet exposure and drawing in new clients, Google has placed even more stress on the importance of unique content.

In a recent blog post from Matt Cutts, one of Google’s software engineers, the importance of reducing the amount of spammy pages in search results is being reinforced by changes to Google’s algorithm. Cutts explains that Google’s goal is to provide the most relevant, useful search results to its users – which equals weeding out the duplicated content made popular by “content farms”.


Content is only original when it’s not sold to multiple sources!

Plagiarism has always been an issue on the Internet, where copy protection is pretty difficult to achieve, especially with text. But it’s not just blatant plagiarism that’s causing Google headaches; content farms that sell users pre-written and widely distributed articles are rampant in the world of Internet marketing.

Old SEO practices relied on keyword-dense content to draw search engine attention, and many companies thrived on selling thousands of identical, awkwardly written content full of keywords but little else of use. A search on those keywords would turn up multiple sites all using the same content text to draw visitors using those search terms. Google’s algorithm changes are continuously working to combat this deceptive and frankly annoying practice.

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We’re so dedicated to providing our clients with the best in unique, organic content that the rest of this week will be “Custom Content Week”! We’ll give you a little insight into our writing and editing process to show you how we can guarantee that our content packages will always be clean, ethical, and accurate for your business needs.

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