New Google Maps Means New Local Content Writing for a Service or Business

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When content writing for a local service or business, make sure you’re keeping up with the latest changes to services for online marketing. Google is hands down the most well-known search engine on the Internet, and its products are constantly going through updates and enhancements.

Recently, Google Maps announced a remodel and the option to test out the new design and features. If you opt-in, you’ll see a drastically different system that helps better pinpoint local business’s locations. Here’s an example of how it looks when you search for a local content writing service:


We’re the only option that shows up for “web content plantation, fl” (maybe Google thinks we’re the best around!) so it displays our full Google+ Local profile. Now when users click on your business’s marker on the map, they see more information that you can control such as the photos of your business, hours of operation, website, and category. You can’t alter the street view and the directions option – those are provided by Google.

No More Lists – Results Are All Laid Out

We re-did our search more generally for just “content writing service” and here’s what we found:


Now any business that identifies itself as a content writing service will appear as items on the map, rather than a list on a sidebar. This lets users see more clearly where important businesses are in relation to their area. When marketing online, it’s important to target your audience – whether you stress the desire for local clients or you want to market to a specific demographic.

What this means for your local marketing strategy is that you need to stand out from the crowd with your listing. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your listing with photos and make sure you have all the right categories listed for your company. It’s also important to make sure you have a full profile – your hours, phone numbers, website, and business descriptions should all be filed out and up to date.

Users searching for a local business may look at the full map and make their decision based on several factors including:

  • proximity to their current location;
  • name of the listing;
  • details on the listing’s popup; and
  • special offers.

Yes, Google is letting businesses highlight special offers when a user clicks its marker on the map. Your company has the option to run special deals to attract more customers, similar to local check-in services like Foursquare. It’s definitely an option to explore if you run a retail or service-based business where this kind of marketing online would be appropriate.

Get More Out Of Your Local Marketing Online With the Right Content Writing

Service and retail businesses get a lot more mileage out of local business marketing online when they have a well-developed Google Maps listing. We Do Web Content has been enhancing and promoting local business marketing options in the pre-Google+ days – and we’re always on top of the latest changes! Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay in the spotlight when your potential clients search for your business on the map! Call us at 888-521-3880.