New Search Engine Blekko Goes Live Today

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November 1, 2010 – What better way to start the new month than with a new search engine?

Back in September we blogged about the beta testing of Blekko, a new search engine that was looking to combat spam search results by using slashtags in search queries. After 3 years in development and extensive beta testing to generate over 3,000 slashtags, Blekko opened its doors to the entire Internet today.

At face value, Blekko looks just like all the other search engines out there: logo, search bar, a few links. Clean, simple, boring…nothing new, right? Try a search…

We tried “fort lauderdale personal injury attorney” and noticed that they too are using the auto-suggest feature a-la Google. Once we got the whole search term in, the results page was quite different from Google’s results:


A side by side comparison of searches with Blekko (left) and Google (right).

Notice that the top results on Blekko are all actual law firms. They’re not paid sponsors, or featured (AKA paid) links, they’re actual attorney websites that apparently know what they’re doing when it comes to SEO. Under the Blekko results you can actually see the SEO data for a website – that’s the coolest thing ever (well, for SEO nerds like us)!

Creating an account with Blekko and logging in while searching has benefits, especially if you want to get in on tagging websites. There’s hundreds of tags already created, from /animal-rights to /zen, and more being added every day. As a tag grows in popularity, it’s added to the slashtags “find’ list, which has hundreds of the most popular tags.

Blekko is being called a Wikipedia-esque search engine, letting users define just how well it works by adding and updating the appropriate slashtags for a search result. For example, searching “meatloaf” will bring up articles on the food and the singer, but add /music after that, and all you get are links to pages about the iconic singer of “I Would Do Anything For Love”.

This feature is made possible by over 8,000 beta testers who searched and tagged sites, as well as numerous search algorithms combing billions of pages for content analysis.

It’s hard to tell if Blekko will make any sort of waves in the world of search engines, but we’re impressed with the SEO analysis alone! If word gets around, Blekko could become a great safe alternative to Google searches, as we’ve yet to find one spammy, malware-laden result on our test searches.

Lucky for the world of SEO, Blekko seems to follow the same rules of quality content optimization: keyword density, timely updates, and good linking practices. If your company isn’t getting the search engine rankings it’s looking for, why not give We Do Web Content a call? Our SEO team of writers and content managers will create a custom content strategy for your Internet marketing.

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