New Search Engine Knows Tricks Google Doesn’t

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September 7, 2010 – Google’s got some great tools for narrowing your searches, but new search engine startup Blekko is looking to add a few new tricks to your Web search.

Blekko’s search engine runs just like any normal site: type in a term and it brings up relevant Web pages. Their new trick is to add a slashtag to help narrow down the scope of the results.Let’s say you’re searching for the term “meatloaf”, you’re going to get results for both the food and the rock artist.

Now, try using Blekko and searching “meatloaf /artist” and you’ll get results about Michael Lee Aday AKA Meat Loaf, the singer/actor.

While yes, you can use operators in Google to perform a similar search, Blekko focuses on giving you more of what you want rather than just omitting potentially irrelevant search results.

One of the biggest questions SEO marketers are asking is how this will affect advertising with search engines. The slashtags are user-generated during the testing phase, and over 2,000 have been created from /technology to /rss. This can provide valuable marketing data for companies looking to establish page ranking for certain tag terms.

The /rss slashtag is particularly useful, as it allows website owners to not only see who’s linking to their website, but also when. After a particularly interesting blog post, a site owner can see their link traffic spike. There’s also the ability to rank pages by relevance and date, making the need to have fresh content on your website even stronger.


Blekko looks like it’ll have some great analytics tools!

Blekko is still in development and testing, but should be available early 2011 according to schedule.Will this kill Google? Not instantly, but if the current search engine leader doesn’t listen up and counter with some similar features, you just might be “Blekkoing” a search term in the future.

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