New year, new office? Your local business listings need updating!

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If a new office location is in your future, make sure your local business listings are kept up to date. Whether it’s adding a new location or moving your main operations, if your business is operating somewhere new you need to make sure your clients can find you!

We Do Web Content’s Top Local Business Listings

When we optimize listings for our clients, whether from scratch or adding a new office location, we focus on a specific group of listing directories. Google Places is one of, if not THE most popular location-based search directories on the Internet, but also one of the more difficult ones to manage.

Google requires that you verify your business location with a postcard containing a PIN that you input to claim your listing. This ensures that your business really IS at that location and helps keep their database accurate. When you get a new office, as soon as you have your mailing address secured, get on Google Places and request that PIN!

Following in search engine-related local business listings are profiles on Yahoo! and Bing, each of which allows businesses to accumulate reviews and ratings. All three of these directories should include your business’s listing with optimized descriptions and accurate information. Once the profiles are established, make sure your clients know you’re on there and ask them to leave you a review – it helps give your listing more integrity! (YellowPages) is another of our top picks. We also frequently help our clients enhance their listings on Yelp and MerchantCircle – they’re not just for restaurants and retail!

Why Local Business Listings Matter

These listings DO rank in search results! In fact, when a user has cookies enabled on their browser and allows location services (therefore letting Google know where they’re searching from) Google will typically place the most locally-relevant search results at the top of the page. This goes for news stories from local papers or TV stations, press releases from local government authorities, and yes, business listings.

When clients are looking for professional services they’re typically searching with their need and their location. For example, “attorney in Winter Park, Florida” should turn up a results page with local business listings for attorneys located in Winter Park, Florida. If you’re an attorney in that area, you should have listings that identify you as an attorney with a geographic location in Winter Park.

Here’s a tip – Google frequently places any relevant listings from their Google Local directory at the top of the search results, often on a handy map. Your business should be there!

Give it a shot – Google your business name and see what pops up. We bet that at least two of the top results will be a listing on a business directory. If it isn’t, get in touch with us right away to discuss how We Do Web Content can create, enhance and manage your business listings!

Get Your New Office on the Map with We Do Web Content

New Year, new office, or just new plans to increase your business’s exposure and reputation – We Do Web Content can help! Get started now by contacting us on our website – our free consultation can show you where your business is (and more importantly, where it isn’t) when it comes to local search listings. Call us at 888-594-5442 to enhance the local presence of your business, such as in the local business listings on popular search engines.