New Year’s Resolution: Get Testimonials and Reviews

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While working on your New Year’s resolution to review and improve your business’s online presence, make sure you review what your testimonials page looks like. Don’t have a testimonials page on your website? 2013 is the year to start – a client’s good word is one of the most powerful marketing tools!

User-Generated Content Inspires Confidence

We Do Web Content clients have websites full of informative, authoritative content that gives their potential clients a wealth of information about their business and industry. While this is an excellent type of Internet marketing, it’s limited to the integrity of your business. Of course the business owner is only going to put positive content on their website – they want to sell themselves.

Testimonials and reviews are a third-party method of showing off a business’s success and value to its clients. When a potential client reads content produced by the business, they know it’s coming from a source that wants to sell them something. When potential clients reads content from a previous client, they’re getting more reliable information as to whether this particular lawyer, doctor, restaurant, toy store, etc. is right for their needs.

Testimonials with actual stories about a client’s experiences with the company can inspire confidence because they’re true examples of how a business operates. A testimonial is worth its length in words because each sentence shows a client took his or her personal time to recommend your business – not every company can say it inspires that level of interaction!

Tips for Getting Good Testimonials

You don’t want to be a bother to your clients about writing a testimonial, but when you’re a successful business with happy clients, they often come to you without asking for them! You may already have testimonials sitting in your inbox – e-mails from clients can sometimes be turned into short paragraph testimonials that can be added to your Testimonials Page on your website, or posted to your Facebook profile.

If you are using unsolicited testimonials, make sure you first ask the client if it’s alright with them to use their words. Inform them if any identifying information will be attached to the testimonial and allow them to opt out of having that personal information included. Also offer them the chance to clean up their testimonial if they’d like to do so.

When asking clients to provide testimonials, we have a few suggestions:

  • Create a short questionnaire asking for two to three-sentence answers about clients’ experiences with your business.
  • Have a follow-up system with clients that sends an automatic e-mail with information about providing testimonials.
  • Create an e-mail with links to your online review profiles (Yelp, Linked-In, Google Local, Angie’s List, etc.).
  • Make it easy – offer to conduct a phone interview to create a transcript of their review for you to post.

Using Your Testimonials to Promote Your Business

After you have a slate of solid testimonials it’s time to put them to work. You’ll want to showcase the specific, informative testimonials – not vague, “Oh, X Business is great,” comments. For longer testimonials, you’ll want to build a Testimonials Page. From here, you can pull out short snippets of text to use as eye-catching content on printed ads, website taglines, and other forms of advertising.

Video testimonials are growing in popularity and any business with access to a camera and YouTube can make this happen. Make sure your clients are comfortable with identifying themselves in a video while discussing their interaction with your business – some businesses such as law firms deal with sensitive topics which clients may not want to be featured in a testimonial video.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your business’s reputation by showcasing how satisfied your current clients are with your services. We Do Web Content can help you put your testimonials in front of potential clients by helping you improve your web traffic and search engine rankings. Get started by contacting us on our website to schedule a free consultation. Call us at 888-594-5442