New Year’s Resolution: Post Web Content Regularly

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One of your New Year’s resolutions for your business should be to become an authority in your area. Whether you seek to become king of your industry or you want to be the local go-to for your services, your reputation has a lot to do with how clients perceive you.

At We Do Web Content we help our clients establish a new level of authority and trustworthiness through informative SEO web content. While publishing content on the Internet is becoming easier every day, publishing QUALITY content in the right manner is a whole ‘nother story!

Regular posting of quality, unique content that targets specific readers and promotes an action (in your case, contacting your business) is what you should strive to achieve in the New Year!

Here’s When Web Content Works Best

A regular posting schedule should be part of your New Year’s resolution for your business. Search engines like Google love to see websites that are updated regularly with new, unique content. This shows them that their owners are focused on offering the type of relevant information that users are seeking when they query a search engine.

A new piece of web content posted to your website boosts its popularity on Google, but only for a short while. Over time, unless that page is ranking top level for relevant keywords and is the main result clicked for those terms, it might slowly fall off Google’s radar.

One of the best ways to help keep your website at the top of search engine rankings is to make sure you’re consistently giving your site a boost with new web content. Every time you submit a piece of content, it can show Google that your site is still relevant to search terms for which you rank.

The Pros Know Daily Web Content Posting is a Must

One of the industry leaders for blogging, WordPress, has issued a Post Every Day challenge. Their campaign is encouraging blog owners to post once per day to keep their web content fresh and improve their blog’s rankings on the search engines.

Daily blogging is probably the best way to accomplish the goal of having at least one new piece of web content posted to your site every day. While you may not have time to devote to writing a whole article, you can find a half-hour or so to churn out a solid 300-500 word blog post, right?

If your New Year’s resolution schedule is too full to fit in a daily blog regimen or you’re just not the web content writing type, you’re in luck! Companies like ours are here to support businesses who want a big web presence without having to hire an in-house SEO team.

Let We Do Web Content Keep You on the Daily Track

When We Do Web Content reviews your current web presence and marketing goals we develop a solid web content plan to match your needs. Daily blogs are just one of the many types of web content we offer to help boost our clients search engine rankings and online reputation.

Start developing your daily blogging routine now by contacting us on our website – after your free consultation we’ll begin developing a plan for search engine success! Call us at 888-594-5442 to get started.