New Year’s Resolution: Review Your Online Presence

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Many of us make a New Year’s resolution to improve our image in the upcoming months. We all want to put our best foot forward, whether it be for our personal reputation or that of our business. One of the first impressions your business will make with potential clients is through your online presence – which may need a New Year assessment.

The Building Blocks of Your Online Presence

With the Internet taking over as the main marketing method for many businesses, your online presence can make or break your ability to gain new clients. Businesses are largely judged by the type and quality of content that is available on the Internet. Pretty much anything online that mentions your business is contributing to your online presence.

When you’re making a New Year’s resolution to assess your online presence, pay attention to items such as:

  • social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn);
  • review sites (Yelp, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, Google Places, industry-specific directories);
  • press releases;
  • local business directory profiles;
  • professional business association pages; and
  • independent bloggers.

The best way to start is to simply Google your business’s name. The results will begin to paint the picture your clients see when they’re researching your company.

Why You Should Focus on Your Online Presence

Online presence is a critical concern for many professionals wishing to improve their businesses or their job opportunities. In fact, the idea of online presence management has become so important that many universities are offering online reputation management services to their seniors and new graduates.

Because most employers, professional associations, and potential clients use the Internet to vet out new relationships, it’s important to know where you stand with the search engines.

A recent article by the Associated Press revealed how several universities are offering reputation management services to their students. Services like this try to help people so they don’t have to worry about being mistaken for a drug dealer with the same name.

Improving Your Online Presence

So you’ve Googled your business name and maybe you found a few blemishes on your online presence. There’s no reason to panic – you have options!

There are dozens of “reputation management” companies that will, for a fee, help you reduce or remove negative content about your company. These services are not guaranteed 100 percent effective – many business review sites such as Yelp do not allow the removal of negative reviews except under specific circumstances.

Another option, which is a favorite of We Do Web Content, is to directly address the negative content with positive content of your own! If your business has an angry blogger on its case, you might want to contact that blogger privately to see what their issues are with your business. It may be a customer service issue that needs to be addressed.

Make your New Year’s Resolution to give your business a new edge with quality, custom web content! Contact us on our website so we can schedule a free consultation where we’ll evaluate your current Internet presence and help you rejuvenate your web marketing! Call us at 888-594-5442 to get started.